Feature Friday: Kate Cobb + Big Cob Productions

Kate Cobb

Happy #FeatureFriday #ladybosses! First up is Kate Cobb from Bigcob Productions! Kate started her own production company with her husband in 2012. They moved from Chicago to LA and Kate has been busy acting, writing, filming, producing, and being an all around badass since then. BigCob's videos have been featured countless times on Funny Or Die, and Kate is working on a digital series they have releasing this Fall! It's called Parked and is about a group of misfit valet parking attendants working in LA. Make sure to check out Kate's sketches on Bigcob Productions website (my personal favorite is the Dinner for Two videos!) And make sure to check out Bigcob Productions facebook page to see everything else Kate is busy working on, and so you can be the first to know when Parked is released this Fall! We hope Kate never stops creating, making #Chicago proud, and being a #ladyboss we can all look up to! xo,


#chicago #ladyboss #advice #followingdreams #entrepreneur #inspiration #motivation #writer #actor #LA #featurefriday

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