My Favorite 5 Chicago Blogs Right Now

A huge part of the reason I started ladyboss was because I wanted to put something positive out into the world. Those who know me know I consider myself an "eternal optimist." My glass of wine (or beer) will always be half full and I will always hope for the best. It doesn't mean I don't doubt, have down days, or slip into bad habits. It simply means that when I'm able to reflect, I actively try and train my brain to think positively.

I think a lot of us are raised to be competitive with others rather than competitive with ourselves and the truth is; there's room for everyone and supporting others doesn't diminish your impact on the world. You can want to be your personal best without tearing anyone else down in the process. And this is coming from a self-proclaimed Type A control freak, so trust me ;)

I have such a passion for learning about what people love, supporting them, and helping motivate others. Just in Chicago, there are so many people doing so many cool things that are changing their communities, our city, and the world. So, without further ado, here are My Favorite 5 Chicago Blogs Right Now:


Riostalk red balloon

Riostalk should be nicknamed "Real Talk." It's a blog by young Chicago mother, Vania Rios, and covers everything from motherhood to fashion to recipes to creating a summer to-do list on a budget. Her pictures are dreamy, her outfits are to die for, her son is adorable, and you won't believe her wedding pictures. More importantly though, I love that this blog keeps it real and shares the stories behind the beautifully curated instagram posts.


Dream. Work. Film. Podcast

Technically a podcast and not a blog, but trust me on this one. Dream. Work. Film. Podcast is AMAZING. It's done by the one and only Kelsey Jorissen and covers the ins, outs, good, bad, business, and boring of film. Anytime I meet someone who's interested in film or who wants to make a film, I direct them to Kelsey's podcast. The podcast is touted as "interviews with Chicago, New York, and LA based indie filmmakers to learn about their process, their passion, and how they're making their dreams come true." But it is SO much more than that. The podcast also covers the questions a lot of us are afraid to ask: does crowdfunding affect your taxes (yes!), how do you even make a web series, what is crowdfunding really like, and more. I love that Kelsey isn't afraid to jump into the unglamorous parts of filmmaking that a lot of people ignore.


Style With Purpose

Style With Purpose is a new weekly facebook live show by blogger, stylist, host, and public speaker, Melissa Chataigne. LA-based, but Chicago-raised Melissa has committed her life to helping women of all sizes dress well and live full, authentic lives. Melissa's style is impeccable, but more importantly, she cares about helping people and it shows through everything she does. Her new weekly show will be a conversation with "inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs sharing stories of their rise to success, overcoming obstacles and living their life with intention. This intimate chat will take place in the origin of authentic style, their closet or creative space, inspiring you to up-level your life, quit playing small and start living your style with purpose." I've always loved her blog, and now I love her show. I hope you will, too!


The Creative Soul

The Creative Soul is a blog by Chicago writer, Chelsea. It features interviews with actors, singers, writers, and creators, as well as practical tips for creative people. Think financial advice, what it's like to do a creative vocation to make money, and how to improve your artistic career. I love that Chelsea isn't afraid to talk about the practical side of a career in the creative. Because let's face it - we all have bills to pay. Again, it's the stuff people don't always want to cover because it's not glamorous. But it's the insider information you need if you're wanting to live a creative life.


Our Chicago Narrative

Technically this one is an instagram account, but again - hear me out! #OurChicagoNarrative is an instagram account by Chicagoan Corbin McGhee. The account is dedicated to "sharing the opportunity and adventure that exists in Chicago." The reason I'm obsessed with this instagram is because is shows things to do in ALL the neighborhoods in Chicago. Chicago is a diverse, beautiful city that so frequently gets a bad reputation in the media. But the people are kind, the neighborhoods are gorgeous, and there is never a dull moment. So far, he's shared photos and activities from the following neighborhoods: Uptown, North Center, Lakeview, Jackson Park, Lincoln Square, Bronzeville, Lincoln Park, River North, and Wicker Park. I can't wait to see what he shares next! I've already added a bunch of things to my summer to-do list.


Is there a Chicago blog you think I missed? Let me know in the comments!



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