Feature Friday: Kara Michelle + Advocare

Happy #FeatureFriday #ladybosses!

Kara was born and raised in Northwest Indiana for the last 33 years and counting. Growing up, she had always stayed active and involved in sports.

But once she got married and had two children, Kara felt like she was struggling with her self image and happiness. She went through a divorce and as a single mom with two children and three jobs, she felt she needed a change.

Her friend, Jeremy Bowen, introduced her to AdvoCare, and in the first 24 days she felt like she gained back her energy and was able to keep up with her kids. It also ignited a new passion for healthy eating and working out. A few months later she decided to become an #AdvoCare Distributor because of her new found passion and desire to help others.

Because of Kara's drive, she was able to generate enough additional income from #Advocare to walk away from two of her three (!) jobs and concentrate on being a #mamaboss, a teacher, and helping others. During that time she found a love for the gym and transforming herself into what she describes as the best version of herself. Not only physically but mentally, too. She started to set goals for herself and felt like she was taking control of her body and mind.

About 22 months ago she decided to take her passion for lifting weights and setting goals to compete in Natural Figure Bodybuilding Competitions. She loves challenging herself and pushing her body.

Her focus on weight lifting, diets, and #Advocare Performance Elite supplements have allowed her to take home two 3rd place trophies last season, and a 4th and 2nd place this past season. Kara enjoys motivating and inspiring others positively to reach their goals, no matter how big or small. She's very excited to see what she can build physically for her next competition, as well as who she can help reach their physical and financial goals with Advocare.

Sending a huge shout out to Kara Michelle for being brave enough to share her story, finding a new passion, and soaring in a typically male-dominated sport! Here at ladyboss, we believe women are beautiful at any size and love seeing you follow your interests and passions!

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