Feature Friday: Joy Wunrow + Grind House Performance

Happy #FeatureFriday #ladybosses!

Joy's story is one I think a lot of us can relate to and is proof that making a choice to follow your interests and passions can change the trajectory your life.

Joy shared that she's come a long way to get to this wonderful point in life. She started as an optimistic 17 year old with huge goals and high expectations of her life and future.

Fast forward 10 years and she found herself as a mother of two girls, in an abusive relationship, in a career path she didn't love, and worst of all she felt she had lost her vision and high expectations she once held for herself.

While in nursing school, Joy started personal training and teaching SPIN on the side, mostly just to let off steam and get into shape. Making that one decision totally changed the trajectory of her life. Joy fell in love with training and teaching fitness classes and got addicted to seeing people's lives change for the better.

Shortly after she felt her personal life had hit rock bottom she was introduced to #AdvoCare. She went to a few meetings and said that as she listened to the stories and encouraging words from those around her, she started to feel that optimistic 17 year old inside her again. She started to see hope for her future and a new passion for her daughters' future.

Joy ended up joining AdvoCare and fell in love with the company and products and completely changed her life. Because of her renewed passion for life, excitement to help people, and reignited goals, she found that her daughters are happier than they have ever been and she is with a man who is the love of her life.

Joy was able to start her own athletic/personal training business and SPIN studio helping people reach their goals and change their lives (Grind House Performance). She shared that she is living a full and fulfilling life and loving everyday.

Joy; thank you SO much for sharing your story with us at ladyboss!! You are such an inspiration to all of us!! Never stop helping change others' lives for the better. The world needs more people like you.

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