Feature Friday: Casey Hartnett + Unplugged

Happy #FeatureFriday ladybosses!

#LocalLadyboss to be featured today is Casey Hartnett, the creator of the web series Unplugged.

Casey is a #Chicago native currently living in #NewYork Unplugged is a new comedy series that is all about women! The series will touch on everything from periods, to sexual education in schools, gender expectations, sexual harassment on college campuses, and women in the workplace. The people in charge of this series are all women. The producers, writers, directors and cinematographers are all women, as well. Talk about #girlpower. Casey's goal with this is to help put women in positions behind the camera they wouldn't normally be in and allow their stories to be seen and heard by a wide audience.

Together, they can create a series that can be a voice for girls and women on certain topics that are not talked about openly enough, and help remove some of the stigma and shame. Unplugged hope to forward the conversation around gender equality in society and the film industry. And that is one message we can't support enough!

#creative #writer #followingdreams #actor #featurefriday #motivation #inspiration #chicago

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