October 6, 2017

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LAdyboss Interview - Brittani Ward [Casting Director]

June 14, 2018

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Feature Friday: Ellegra Davis + Jewels A Nail Box

October 22, 2016


Happy #FeatureFriday #ladybosses!


Our #LocalLadyboss being featured today is Ellegra Davis, nail artist and co-owner of Jewels A Nail Box, an artistic nail design salon!


#ladybosses - get ready for your new obsession. Ellegra is INSANELY talented.


Ellegra told us her love for nails started when she was a kid and she remembers mixing nail polishes to create custom colors. Her nail art obsession stepped up in high school when she was in boarding school. Ellegra and her roommate had tons of polishes and they would paint their nails constantly, always trying out new designs.


After high school, Ellegra went to college in Arizona for social work, but still had her nail obsession. She would change her nails every other day and paint her friends' nails, as well. At this point, it was still a hobby for her and she hadn't even realized it could be a career until she moved to Chicago.


Ellegra had grown up in Los Angeles, where nail art salons are incredibly popular. They do amazing colors and designs. When Ellegra moved to Chicago, she realized we didn't have the same type of nail art salons. Ellegra was struggling to find a job in social work and decided to go to Nail School. (who knew there was such a thing!)


Two and a half years years later, Ellegra is now a co-owner of her own studio salon! And her work is AMAZING! There is nothing else like it in #Chicago. The most amazing part of talking to Ellegra, though, is that she kept it real.


She was so honest about what it's like to own a business. She shared that the first year has been such a challenge. It's been incredibly exciting and fun, but at the same time, everything is new and you're quickly learning all the time. Sometimes it's the not-great stuff; taxes, paperwork, accountants, and calling your parents in tears because you can't afford rent. But it's also so incredibly rewarding and she can't wait to see the future of Jewels A Nail Box unfold! And neither can we!


Ellegra is an amazing example of turning your passion into your career. She knew what she loved, found a niche in the market, and is making it happen. Jewels A Nail Box was recently featured in the On The Road segment of NAILS Magazine.


And #FunFact! Remember Emily Nejad of Bon Vivant Cakes? Emily is also in a band (Celine Neon) and Ellegra's nails were featured in their music video, Kitty! And Ellegra does both Emily's and her band mate's nails for videos and shows! #ladybosses helping #ladybosses! We love it!!


Here's where you can book an appointment to get your nails done, and stalk her killer #instagram!



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