Feature Friday: Dinah Grossman + Spinning J

Happy #FeatureFriday #ladybosses!

Dinah opened Spinning J Bakery & Soda Fountain with her husband, Parker Whiteway, in July 2015. Prior to that, Dinah had owned a business called Cheap Tart Bakery for 4 years, a pie and pastry delivery service that operated out of a commissary kitchen.

Grossman, a pastry chef, had worked in restaurants in Maine, Massachusetts, and Alaska before moving to #Chicago in 2008. In Spinning J's first year of business Grossman and Whiteway grew the business from a staff of 5 to a staff of 17.

Spinning J has been featured on Chicago's Best TV, The Hungry Hound with Steve Dolinsky, in The Chicago Tribune twice, RedEye Chicago, Time Out Chicago, and The New York Times in addition to other press! (Keep an eye out for the October issue of Chicago magazine, and if my eye is good enough, I swear it was featured in the new Netflix series filmed in Chicago, Easy.).

Make sure to check out Spinning J in person! And you can find more on their facebook, instagram, website, and twitter.

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