Feature Friday: Natalie Horbatko + Natalie Sitter City

Happy #FeatureFriday #ladybosses! You know what that means! It's time for some well deserved shout outs about local women who are CRUSHING it all around the world! The first #ladyboss we're featuring today is Natalie from #NatalieCitySitter.

Natalie is like so many of us #ladybosses and is still working her full-time job WHILE working on her side hustle!

Natalie now lives in Colorado, but will always consider #Chicago a home.

#NatalieCitySitter is a dog walking and sitting service started by Natalie in #Denver.

Initially, she started this #sidehustle because she had the incredibly tough experience of having to say goodbye to her sweet pup, Max, right after leaving Chicago to make Denver her new home.

She missed having a furry best friend to come home to everyday. At the same time she was missing Max, a random thought came to her that she needed to find a way to make extra funds.

She adores dogs and was missing Max, so dog sitting became the perfect idea! It didn't take long before she setup a profile on Rover.com and started connecting with dog owners. Rover.com has given her the tools to start her own business and unleash her entrepreneurial spirit.

Her profile has active on the website since June 2015 and she currently has over 10+ repeat clients {and growing}, is the #1 dog sitter in her zip code and has over 20+ 5-star reviews. Outside of the website, her clients have referred her to their friends and family which has been an unexpected turn in the growth of her business.

Her dog sitting business, #NatalieCitySitter, gives her flexibility to make her own schedule, the joy of meeting new {furry} clients, building a professional network in her community/city and residual income in her pocket...all while climbing the career ladder at her 9-5 job. She is so thankful for all her clients {both human & furry} everyday for their continued support!

Here at ladyboss, we send support to women in all stages of their life and we know it's not easy having to balance a 9-5 full-time job in addition to your side hustle.

Sending a HUGE congrats to Natalie on finding the balance and work ethic to do so, while also getting to spend some time with pups. If you're ever with your dog in the #303 (or know someone who lives there), make sure to check her out!

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