Feature Friday: Eileen Seigel Kahana + Room2Improv

Happy #FeatureFriday #ladybosses!

Today we're celebrating Eileen Siegel Kahana, founder of Room2Improv!

After retiring with an accomplished career as a teacher and mentor from Chicago Public Schools, Eileen challenged herself to take an improv class at The Second City.

That one class turned into a two year life-changing experience and inspired her to create Room2Improv. She combined all of her unique academic and life experiences to create a model education program dedicated to bringing improv to classrooms, seniors and veterans.

She’s building a business to help others build self-esteem. Room2Improv is a non-profit dedicated to raising the self-esteem of students, veterans and seniors, and ultimately empower them to live enriching lives.

By teaching them how to explore, embrace and adopt the techniques of improvisation into everyday living, Room2Improv motivates individuals to care about themselves and others, make healthy choices and effective decisions and use their confidence to overcome their fears.

Sending a huge cheers to Eileen and Room2Improv for working to make this world a more positive, encouraging, and enriching place!

You can find more information on Eileen and Room2Improv at their facebook.

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