Feature Friday: Emily Nejad + Bon Vivant Cakes




Emily is the creative genius behind Bon Vivant Cakes, a Chicago bakery (that will be expanding to LA soon!) that specializes in out-of-the-box, never-before-seen, lavish, artistic cakes that also taste AMAZING! Honestly, the taste is as insanely good as the design.

Bon Vivant Cakes was born only about a year ago after Emily decided to make a cake for her friend's birthday (I think we all need more friends like Emily!). The cake was giant: five towering layers, with five different colors of frosting, and a musical lotus flower candle on top that shot sparks, twirled around and played 'Happy Birthday’. (See? We all need a friend like Emily.). People could not stop talking about the cake. So, armed with a red KitchenAid mixer and a sugar-spun dream, Emily decided to turn her passion into her profession!

Emily prides herself on creating whimsical cakes as unique as the person ordering them and exclusively uses swiss meringue buttercream for her designs instead of fondant. If you're a Food Network junkie like me, you know what a BIG deal that is!

And as if Emily couldn't get ANY cooler, she also performs in a band! You can catch her around #Chicago performing with Celine Neon.

Want to try one of her cakes? Head over to her website and if you don't have an occasion coming up, choose the #YOLO option. Because, honestly, you only live once and you've got to try one of these cakes!

And make sure to follow her on instagram (for literal drool-worthy photos) and facebook.

Bon Vivant Cakes and Emily were also recently featured in the Chicago RedEye, and you can read all about it here.

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