Feature Friday: Jessica Baumgart + Round The World Couple

Happy #FeatureFriday #ladybosses!

Today's #LocalLadyboss is Jessica Baumgart, 1/2 of the Round the World Couple! Yep, you read that right - round the WORLD. #travelgoals

Jessica is a former nine-to-fiver (she used to do Communication for a Chicago hospital) turned world traveler. In January 2016, she quit her job in Chicago and sold everything she owned (seriously!) to travel the world with her husband. She chronicles her adventures on their website.

What's most amazing about Jessica is that she lays it all out - she talks about both the amazing and the not so amazing about long-term travel.

Her blog covers everything from how they saved up enough money to do this (also, how much money they had to save), what it was like to quit her job without a safety net (she's a self-proclaimed worrier), what it's like to travel when there are safety threats, and how all of your problems don't just disappear because you're on a life-changing trip exploring the world.

Her blog also includes step by step resources in case you want to take a similar trip.

So far on this trip, Jessica has been to Bali, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Greece, Italy, Namibia, Peru, SouthAfrica, Croatia, Montenegro, France and Spain!

AND they still have Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Monaco, Botswana, Ethiopia, and Swaziland!

So far, Round the World Couple has been featured in The Chicago Sun-Times, Glamour, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, M2woman, FOX 5 Atlanta, You & Me on WCIU, WGN Morning News, Gwinnett Daily Post, Eric and Kathy on 101.9 THE MIX Chicago, and Daily Mail.

Make sure to check out Jessica and Round the World Couple on their website and check out their AMAZING travel photos on their instagram!

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