Feature Friday: Hannah Hinds + Delirious by Design

Happy #FeatureFriday #ladybosses!

#LocalLadyboss being featured today is Hannah Hinds, the owner of Delirious by Design! Hannah is originally from Springfield, IL and now lives in St. Louis (although her products ship to anywhere!) Delirious by Design creates GORGEOUS custom shelves for your home! Hannah bought her first house last Summer and among all the projects she was doing to make it feel like a home, she made some shelves for herself (they are seriously bad ass!). She decided to open an Etsy shop to see if anyone else might want to purchase some. She posted her first listing in November and within a week had her first large sale! By December/January, the shop started taking off! Hannah told me that her first order gave her the confidence to look at Delirious by Design as an actual business as opposed to a hobby. She started putting a lot more time into taking higher quality photos, updating her marketing and websites, and investing in herself and the business. You can find Delirious by Design on Etsy, but they also sell on Amazon and have their own standalone site that she has big plans for! Her and her boyfriend incorporated the business in January of 2016 and are looking forward to expanding the business. It's been growing so quickly that she is currently looking for a warehouse to rent so she can continue to grow. Hannah is a perfect example of taking one small step at a time to make your dreams come true! She's always loved decorating and design and she's now creating a life and business she loves. Make sure to check out Delirious by Design on facebook, etsy, amazon, instagram, and their website!

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