Feature Friday: Katie O'Connor + Shine Fertility

Happy #FeatureFriday #ladybosses!

The #LocalLadyboss being featured today is Katie O'Connor, the founder of the nonprofit Shine Fertility, whose mission is, "through support, education, and advocacy; to create a community, empower through knowledge, and be the voice for a proactive approach to fertility and women’s health." Shine Fertility's goal is to take the shame and stigma out of dealing with fertility and women’s health issues and create an environment where women can get together, swap stories and learn more about their health options. Katie is a powerhouse who, in just a few short years, grew Shine from having only three members to now being a national nonprofit with a board of directors, as well as advocacy programs and one on one mentoring!

Women's health and advocacy is so important and we can't thank Katie enough for founding a resource and community like Shine Fertility!! Never stop being a #ladyboss who is a champion for other women. Make sure to check out Katie and Shine Fertility in this recent interview with CBS, as well as their website and facebook page!

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